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Wait For Me 08-12-12 08:22 PM

Do you manscape for cycling comfort
Just wondering if it makes a difference, mainly where the inner thigh meets the groin

DataJunkie 08-12-12 08:52 PM

*ponders stubble in that area and cringes*

Not I.

Plum_Crazy 08-12-12 09:21 PM

You don't want to shave there. You will regret it. But try a chamois cream. Here is a link to see what this stuff is.

kevinvin 08-12-12 09:43 PM

clippers.. Just sayin..

Mondo734 08-12-12 09:43 PM

I manscape in that area but I am not really hairy to begin with and I dont do it with a razor. I use a body groomer. As such I don't have a problem with "stubble" down there.

gforeman 08-13-12 07:32 PM

Not there, but I keep the arm-pit hair trimmed pretty close. Really helps keep odor at bay when I'm sweating a lot.

JanMM 08-13-12 08:18 PM

I shave my face so as to look presentable when riding.

DataJunkie 08-13-12 09:50 PM

I shave my legs regularly and occasionally shave my face. Fracking weird priorities I have.

iheartbacon 08-14-12 12:26 AM

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For the hardcore manscaper this home hot wax kit might be the answer you're looking for.

Personally I don't think there's enough tequila on the planet to make me try this.

Phil_gretz 08-14-12 08:38 AM

^^ A good college hazing trick for pledges. Make them do shots and bikini wax!

...Obviously for sororities at Wellesley.


arej00dazed 08-15-12 10:16 AM

[Admin edit: please remember the forum vulgarity guidelines.]

bghill1 08-15-12 05:21 PM

It does not make any difference on the road, but in the bedroom it does! I expect the wife to do it so she expects me to do it. She was right.

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