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Aeolis 08-13-12 08:08 PM

The squeaky wheel gets the grease?
Hey all, I just purchased a used
Bike off CL and first thing I noticed is it's really loud. Its not the chain it's apparently just the tires when rolling. Both tires seem to be running pretty true as true As a ten year old bike can be but they are just loud. I have a suspicion the wheel bearings need to be greased. Is this a DIY sort of a job for a noob? Or should I jus take it to the LBS? Or should I just leave it alone, it helps alert peds on the MUP of my prescense lol.

It seems like its both the front
And back wheels if that matters.

OldsCOOL 08-14-12 07:51 AM

As a rule when buying used, disassemble, lube and properly adjust the bearings/cups on the bike. You'd be surprised to see the condition of the unseen places that are critical to the bike's performance and reliability.

Just as a starting point, pull the wheels and slowly turn the axle/spindles with your fingers to feel for play/looseness and sticky rotation. If it doesnt feel like satin, do that one first.

Can a noob do this? Sure, if you arent intimidated. Just get yourself a set of cone wrenches (inexpensive) and a can of bearing grease....though the purist may shout me down for using a thick grease and find an instructional video on youtube.

Phil_gretz 08-14-12 08:33 AM

^^^ this. Hubs should be silent and smooth. Best initial performance boost you can give your bike.

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