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oldnslow2 08-18-12 01:56 PM

Shipping a bike from New York to Israel
My son is moving to Israel for 10 months and wants to bring his Cyclocross bike with him. After getting a box from the LBS we loaded it up with the bike, helmet, shoes, cycling cloths and tools. It's 52x10x30 and 43 lbs. A quick search and it seems to be over $500 each way.

Anyone know of a relatively reasonable company that can do it for less?

chasm54 08-18-12 02:25 PM

How is he getting to Israel? If he's flying, he could use BA and take the bike with him. They'll charge him for it as excess baggage, but it won't cost anything like $500. I'm pretty sure they fly JFK-Tel Aviv.

oldnslow2 08-18-12 03:00 PM

He's flying El Al tomorrow, so it's too late to get it on the plane.

The way things look, he'll take his shoes, pedals and cloths with him and buy a $1000 bike there. He'll then sell it there.

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