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sevenmag 08-19-12 10:56 AM

Took the first ride in the new hometown.
I just moved from Mobile, Al to just outside of Charleston, Sc.

Haven't been on the bike in about 6 weeks and I could tell. :( With all the packing up to move, then getting settled in and add on a long string of horrid weather. There just hasn't been an opportunity to ride.

Finally today I did a slow 20 miles. I felt terrible, my hands hurt, I was sucking eggs at 5 miles and my legs were weak.

But it did feel good to get out on the road. Now I can start getting used to some new routes and get a feel for the area.

lungimsam 08-19-12 12:01 PM

See any nice stuff? Nice views, areas to ride in?

Must have been mighty satisfyin' to be on the bike again.

Aeolis 08-19-12 07:00 PM

Must be nice to have an eentire new area to explore. Sometimes I get bored of the same old routes I have around here. South Carolina is beautiful I'm sure it'll be great riding down there.

sevenmag 08-19-12 08:23 PM

It's pretty similar to what I left, but I'm in a more rural area now. Lots of old live oaks filled with spanish moss and miles of country roads. I used Map My Ride to pick a few short routes and then drove them to see what it was like.

Today's ride had an old road with some parts of it completely covered with tree limbs like an old covered bridge. I plan on taking some pictures of that soon. During one drive I found out the state is repaving a long road and adding a nice wide shoulder to it. Should be great when they finish it.

One thing about this part of the state is,,, it's flat. The only hills are bridges over the interstate.

What I left was hilly. Not long climbs but short steep ones and a quick descent immediately followed by another steep hill.

I contacted a group of riders here that has a website and seems to be very active. I'm going to try to do a ride with them soon. They also told me about an organized century in October that winds through my area. If I can get back into some sort of decent form by them I might do that.

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