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Rafro96 08-21-12 11:16 AM

I am in Need of Some Opinions
I'm new to this forum, though for the past few months I have browsed through in search of solutions and tips to problems I have had with my very problematic ride, and after bending my bike fork enough to make it strike the pedal every time I turn, I realized it's time to move on from what Walmart has to offer.

Soooo I have been looking on craigslist and the ksl classifieds (basically a local craigslist) for a new ride.

I rarely actually go mountain biking, usually i ride around ten miles a day on the road. I'm on a slope so things usually end up being up or down for me regarding going to a friend's house, my girlfriend's house, or school, which is all I do. I pump up then cruise down from any destination. I am a beginner and need some advice on choosing a decent bike. Here is what I'm looking at right now:

The fit is perfect considering my short height of just 5'7''. Cheap too, I convinced the seller to drop it to $200.00 :)

Another bike I saw that seems great is this:

An older and slightly different model, but much cheaper. My favorite part :)

And maybe this:

An ideal bike for me, being sixteen and needing transportation capable of climbing yet being quick and relatively light, is a good hybrid, but those are the best choice for my budget as far as I have seen.

Thank you for your time.

ratdog 08-21-12 11:55 AM

They all look good. Bike one certainly shows very little wear of the (1) visible gear and on the back wheel from what I can see on the pictures. Bike two has suspension on the front fork and looks to have been better taken care of than bike one. I could not tell much from the pictures of bike three.

If I had to chose, I would look at Bike 2 first.

Rafro96 08-21-12 03:40 PM

Indeed they do, bike two has sadly been sold.. bike three as well. Bike one has a hefty price on it still so I looked around some more and found these:

That picture shows almost nothing, but he does mention that it has Shimano Deore components, which isn't bad at all.

This bike looks like no more than a 'commuter' that occasionally could be played with in a sandbox, but that works for me.

and of course the first bike I listed.

Anyone got a take on these?

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