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ben4345 08-21-12 03:17 PM

Thanking companies for subtle trademarks?
Do you think it will help to send a brand/company a letter or e-mail, thanking them for toning down their trademarks or using more subtle approach?
An example, I recently saw that Maxxis toned down their trade marks on the Re-fuse tires. They didn't make it much smaller, just easier on the eyes. Would it be worth it to encourage this by sending them a line of thanks?
I do not mind some trade marking, but sometimes some companies go way over board! *cough* Fujibikes *cough* I just do not want to me riding a billboard advertisement.

treadtread 08-21-12 03:26 PM

I doubt it will help, since you are most likely in a minority. I agree with you though, I like subtle, or even no trademarks. But when you see the number of people paying for tshirts with large Benetton/Nike/Reebok/company of choice logos, its clear that people like logos.

One more reason I like Nashbar bikes :)

DieselDan 08-21-12 04:42 PM

Move out of a country with a capitalistic economy? You can complain, but I don't think that will help much. The majority wants the world to know that they bought something more expensive then you.

Mobile 155 08-21-12 05:25 PM

I think DieselDan has hit the nail right on the head. At least in this country we consider the lack of a logo with the word generic. A company might try to make a logo that will confuse a customer but any company with a good reputation wants the customer to rely on their Logo. When someone is looking for a good tool they will pass on Chicago equipment unless they just want a cheap tool. But if they find even an old Snap-on they know it is worth it. So guess which one is easier to identify? Works the same way with Knives, Boots, refrigerators and TV sets. Chances are if you can't tell who made something at first glance it isn't something you want or are willing to pay for. And if you aren't interested in knowing the reputation of the company you are in the minority and less likely to influence the company itself.

Closed Office 08-23-12 10:03 AM

Personally I'm low key and prefer subtle, but I think Diesel is right for most people. It seems to be one of the things that drives Mac sales.

My laptop is a rather plain looking black business box and I like it. It happens to cost more than most Macs and it out performs them, but you'd never know it by looking at it. That's the way I like it. I don't use it to attract a mate. I don't want someone thinking that if they can just steal it, they can move up in their dating circles.

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