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tomgdaly 08-24-12 11:30 AM

Garmin Connect is very sloooowwwww ??
Hi Folks,
Does anyone else find Garmin Connect to be very slow. I don't have a very high speed connection but the interned in general works ok for me. However, it can take up to a minute for a Garmin Connect page to open - it's really very frustrating.
What gives, or s there anything I can do to speed it up. I use Firefox.

BionicChris 08-24-12 12:17 PM

I havent been having any problems with it so perhaps it is something local your end? There is downtime for an upgrade next week though.

Mr. Beanz 08-24-12 01:14 PM

Not Garmin...I just tested by opening a couple of pages. 4 seconds to open a ride with maps etc & 2 seconds to open the uplaoad page. ;)

Second test, left the site, returned, then the ride map page was only 2 seconds also. :thumb:

DSL thru phone line.

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