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advrider 08-25-12 01:20 PM

Italian or Japanese bike build, need help deciding!!
im very interested in broadening my cycling abilities to more of the racing side (id love to invest in cycling shoes, kit, etc.) but my passion lies within randos. so here is my question, and mind you, i am still in the learning process :

i am currently looking to buy a 1980s Celeste Bianchi or a Bridgestone RB-2. could i turn either into a racing/rando bike? is this possible? both have campy components and clipless pedals.

i have a soft spot for anything 'Grant Peterson made', but would love anyones opinion or advice on this subject... i want to do this properly.

Retro Grouch 08-25-12 01:48 PM

You do realize that you're drifting out of Grant Petersen mode. Never-the-less, I'll venture the opinion that you'll be about as competitive as your motor.

advrider 08-25-12 02:27 PM

i do realize, but i use GP format to riding as guidelines and i do love his non-traditional ways, but i would like to incorporate tradionial riding so that i can ride with more serious/fit riders. not planning to compete (not now at least), just looking into a good starter bike that would be a good fit with what im hoping to achieve...

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