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GrandaddyBiker 08-30-12 08:53 AM

Trek Beach Cruisers
All summer I have been hearing a rumor that Trek was going to discontinue their Beach cruiser line of bikes in 2013. The rumor must have been true because if you go the Trek’s web site, all six models of their Beach cruisers are gone. I really liked the “Feet First Geometry” design of their cruisers. They still do have the “Feet First” design on their, Pure models of bikes. I think they should have keep at least one cruiser model.

fietsbob 08-30-12 09:09 AM

The crank-forward Pure has 2 frame styles with 8 speed derailleur.

for the beach cruiser look, check out Nirve bikes

they are made in many color schemes and 1 or 3 speed coaster and hand braked
sold with matching fenders and so forth..

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