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Artkansas 08-30-12 04:32 PM

JimmyJohns commercial
At last, a bicycle positive commercial. A man is stuck in traffic. Sitting in his car, he punches in JimmyJohns number and orders a sandwich. Seconds later, a bicyclist pulls up to his window and lays a sandwich on him, apologizing for the slow delivery because the traffic. :lol:

LarDasse74 08-30-12 09:17 PM

I don't know what JimmyJohns is, but the commercial would be hilariously more hilarious if the driver of the car was obese and sweating while he ate the sandwich, had a heart-attack, and a bike ambulance showed up to help him.

Yo Spiff 08-30-12 09:29 PM

Here it is. Pretty good.

spectastic 08-30-12 09:57 PM

this one is better, imo

lsberrios1 08-30-12 10:08 PM

freakin love jimmy johns. There is one in the lobby of my appt complex and I go there every day for my daily dosage of sandwishes. Seriously considering taking a job as a delivery guy in the afternoons after work. That way I get to ride my bicycle and get paid for it.

Jeff Wills 08-30-12 10:36 PM

A couple co-workers are addicted to JimmyJohns. Their delivery time is amazing- phone order in and it's delivered inside of 20 minutes. They're not nearby, so they must be hauling some serious patootie to get to my location.

Artkansas 08-30-12 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by Yo Spiff (Post 14674689)

Yeah, that's it. Thanks for finding it.

fat_bike_nut 08-31-12 12:58 AM

My little brother works at a Jimmy Johns in Annapolis, Maryland.

They use bicycles to deliver because trying to drive a car (or even a moped as one of the delivery boys found out) takes a lot longer with the narrow streets and traffic. Bicycles are faster over there (considering the street layout and car traffic), plus they don't burn gas, which means more money in the delivery pocket :D

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