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gbushee 01-20-05 03:20 PM

Ciclosport HAC4 USB config not working
Since I haven't received any answer via email from the company, maybe someone else has come across this problem. I'm trying to set up the USB device on a Windows 2000 Professional desktop machine. It appears to have installed the hardware device correctly, resulting in the USB port being read as a COM port. The Hactronic software gives me the option of COM1 and COM3 being available. I've tried, both.

I click the connect icon in the software, but when I press the Upper-left and Lower-left buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds, the only thing that happens is that the device starts up as if I were beginning a ride and wipes out the data already there. So much for trying to follow the semi-translated instructions.

Any advice on what I'm doing wrong in this config or if Windows 2000 Prof. is the problem would be greatly appreciated.


- Glenn

gcasillo 01-20-05 04:49 PM

I use CicloTour software instead of Hactronic. Be sure to install the latest versions of each. You can find them on the Ciclosport USA site. Your data should not be wiped out, at least from the computer itself.

gbushee 01-20-05 10:30 PM

Thanks for the extra info. I downloaded the more current CicloTour and fortunately, it had a better help section than the manuals. Now I feel really dumb ... I needed to first hold the upper-right button down for 3 seconds and then click through to get to the display for PC, then click on the Upper-right/Lower-right buttons simultaneously.

Now I see that I have a completely different problem -- what do I do with all of this tremendous data?!!

Thanks again for the reply.

gcasillo 01-20-05 10:54 PM


-CM- 01-20-05 11:11 PM

I have a HAC4 also. I see that you already figured out your initial problem.

I second the recommendation to use the CicloTour software. Once you get going in it, it's fairly easy (or at least not overly difficult) to get useful information out of it. I just played with the various graph settings and preferences until I found a combination I like, and I pretty much stick with these.

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