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Bludool 01-22-05 10:55 PM

Looking for good duffel/Tour Bag
Any recommendations? I have been looking at Diadora, Trek, or Peal Izumi. Any othe brands I should look at.


glowingrod 01-23-05 09:16 AM

duffel bag? Like for carrying hockey gear? Is this for your rack& pannier system or for your back?

Bludool 01-23-05 09:33 AM

For further clarification, a "gym" bag but designed more specifically for Cycling.


Gibbygoo 01-23-05 12:41 PM

I have been thinking of getting one of these. They are on sale right now.

J A Holman 01-23-05 01:45 PM

Is it for use while riding or while going to a ride?

Gibbygoo 01-23-05 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by J A Holman
Is it for use while riding or while going to a ride?

He is wanting a gym type bag for equipment I beleive. (for going to a ride)

Bludool 01-24-05 11:42 PM

That is correct. Want to use to carry equipment and "stuff" to a ride/race. Not interested in using on bike. I have a duffel now, but it is cumbersome, no separate pockets for wet/dry. Also limited small pockets for things like sunglasses, extra gloves, arm warmers. The one I have now, has one main compartment, everything gets mixed together. Inevitably, everything is black so all has to come out to find the one thing that I want. Looking for someone that has found the perfect "system".

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