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trailz 09-20-12 07:52 PM

Brooks saddle - Honey colored - does it change?
My wife would like a classic saddle on her 'new' British 3-speed. She likes the honey colored brooks, but is hoping that with proofhide and age it will get darker. Anyone else with a honey-colored seat notice it reflecting any patina with use/age?

martianone 09-20-12 08:29 PM

both of my honey colored Brooks have darkened, but not evenly - some spots are quite dark, others not as much.

Retro Grouch 09-21-12 06:09 AM

Brooks saddles of any color will gradually change color and enhance their beauty. If, as a kid, you had a hard time waiting for Christmas, you're not going to like how long it takes.

ijsbrand 09-21-12 08:54 AM

It darkens. But how fast it darkens depends on how often it is used, and how often proofide is used on it. Both things add to the colour.

mulveyr 09-21-12 12:36 PM

Mine is definitely darker in the places where I sweat on it. :-)

Machka 09-21-12 02:28 PM

There is also a darker brown Brooks if that's the colour she really wants.

ijsbrand 09-21-12 05:07 PM

A picture I borrowed. Hers and his honey coloured Brooks Flyers, bought at the same time. She happened to be more fond of the proofide.

bkaapcke 09-21-12 05:31 PM

The acidity released by passing gas will slowly darken the leather. It takes a while, keep riding. If you're over fifty, less time is needed. bk

Jim Kukula 09-23-12 07:32 AM

Here's mine after about 4000 miles:

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