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jazzlife 09-08-00 11:08 AM

Hi Gnein,
Ive done 50 miles on my 24" uni with a schwin seat. I should have used at least a 28" wheel and an inner tube under the seat cover.

gnein 09-11-00 06:05 PM

hey jazzlife....nice to see a new name around!!!

fifty miles is pretty impressive.....but i like mostly to ride in sgingle's harder so i don't go as far....but i find it more fun.....

i think muniing is more painfull on the i should really get a new seat!!

hardcore_uni 09-12-00 04:44 PM

hey, i got my website up and running. i made it all by myself so its not the best, but its at

im gettin how to vids an pics up soon



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