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Portis 01-24-05 11:21 AM

My Home Town Sucks For Cycling..
Sorry to copycat the other thread but i suspect many are like me and can think of a lot more reasons why their town sucks for cycling, than why it is "the best."

I'll start:

1. Rural conservative community where the largest percentage of adults on bikes are either homeless, retarted, or lost there license via DUI. Therefore cyclists generally get treated with said regard.

2. Only one small bike shop, with a lot left to desire.

3. A shortage of enthusiasts and therefore a shortage of organized rides etc.

4. No decicated bike trails, or other provisions made for bicycles found in larger or more bike friendly cities.

Fugazi Dave 01-24-05 12:54 PM

1. Too-high speed limits on narrow, hilly, curvy roads with no shoulder that just drop straight off into deep ditches.

2. *sshole drivers by the gross.

3. Nobody to ride with.

Milice 01-24-05 03:27 PM

Rutts made in the road from Amish buggies and their horses.
Other things that horses leave on the road

LordOpie 01-24-05 03:30 PM

y'all should state where this is, so we can avoid those places.

moxfyre 01-24-05 04:01 PM

1. Tons and tons and tons of cars, all significant roads, all the time, except on the dedicated trails (thank God for them, but there aren't enough).

2. When there aren't tons and tons of cars, it means there's a traffic jam somewhere nearby, and any drivers that make it onto your road will be pissed off and in a hurry

Maelstrom 01-24-05 04:51 PM

Not a thing wrong for mountain biking. But I imagine road cyclists might have issues with the lack of roads. At least in whistler. For truly epic rides you have to leave the town otherwise you can circle whistler in an hour.

77Univega 01-24-05 06:57 PM

== My brother's town of Berkeley Springs, WV. There are NO shoulders anywhere. Even cars cannot parallel park, they straddle the edge of the street to park.
There was ONE bike shop a few years ago but it folded.

DXchulo 01-24-05 07:03 PM

1. Winter

molten 02-20-05 11:01 PM

and I've got the aggressive ja*heads here; but they've tones tones toned, now. After getting so much of their volatile energy finally exploded out. Rather doing it overseas, than in a minor way at Me. Via cutting Me off.

F1_Fan 02-20-05 11:08 PM

Move to my town... home of the national cycling teams. We've got great weather, nice roads, some good trails and a velodrome! Some of the best Canadian cyclists ride these roads :D

OK, some stuff sucks:

- way too many elderly drivers
- the only bike lanes are never cleaned and/or are usually clogged with slow riders
- lots of narrow roads that aren't really bike-friendly

Dahon.Steve 02-20-05 11:32 PM

I don't have any of those problems except for the winter. It's snowing as I write this post but you have to live with it in the north east.

wabbit 02-22-05 01:22 PM

We're kind of like F1's situation, we're a cycle friendly city. WC women's race in May, F1 race track open to cyclists, lots of bike paths, but of course, some things really suck:

-the potholes left over after winter. Some roads are just horrendous and are never repaired.
-churlish, impatient drivers who think stop signs are for everyone else
-bike paths a plenty,but some very poorly designed. IE, stopping at one intersection, and then continuing on the other side so you have to cross over at a busy intersection. Or some are on sidewalks so basically you're riding on a sidewalk.

BY the way, it snowed here too, all day yesterday, and now we're going to get a bit more tomorrow!

lotek 02-22-05 01:44 PM


Yeah but at least you have College Park Bikes.
And you can go to Mt. Airie Bikes and see REAL bikes.
I always thougth No. Va. and Md were excellent cycling areas
(although there was always alot of traffic).

ZackJones 02-22-05 01:54 PM

Mine sucks too, but it doesn't stop me from riding. I wish we had something like the Silver Comet Trail down here in middle Georgia.

moxfyre 02-22-05 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by lotek

Yeah but at least you have College Park Bikes.
And you can go to Mt. Airie Bikes and see REAL bikes.
I always thougth No. Va. and Md were excellent cycling areas
(although there was always alot of traffic).

Agreed that it's a nice area in terms of trails and advocacy organizations and interest level. I just prefer a more tranquil small-town environment I guess. I prefer Proteus to College Park Bikes by far, Proteus really is a much friendlier place. What does Mt. Airie have? I've never been there...

PWRDbyTRD 02-22-05 11:50 PM

this list goes on and on.

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