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b_rider 05-05-02 10:33 AM

Have a dilema, need your opinions right away if possible please.
This weekend my in-laws, (wifes parents), are visiting. They are great people, I get along great with them, love them both. So its not likeI want to get out of the house to avoid them, love spending time with them. They came in from Des Moines on Friday, 200 miles away, and are returning home tomorrow.

Today is a good day to go ride, a little windy, but otherwise a beautiful day. My weekly riding schedule is Sunday through Friday, with Saturday off for yard work etc. Sunday is the day I ride longer routes, either with the bike club or on my own. During the week my rides are only 25 to 30 miles long.

Heres the dilema: Do I be a respectful host and continue to spend time with them and entertain them as I have all weekend, or do I go ride one of my long routes and leave them with my wife? What would you do?

Riding a shorter route is not what I really want to do, so please keep that in mind. I suppose what I could do is ride an extra miles for the rest of the week to help make up for the milaege I would lose today. I'm training for a tough charity ride and I need the miles. Would like to have 1,000 miles before the ride at the end of June. Have about 400 now.

I need some opinions right away, so I can make a good decision on what I should do.


velocipedio 05-05-02 10:39 AM

What I would have done is get up early for a 7:30 start time, and gotten a 3.5-4 hour ride done before lunch. Either that, or I would have said bye-bye and just gone. See if you can get out for 2-hours today. If you ride every day and you took a break yesterday, you'll be cranky as all Hell if you don't ride. Get back by early afternoon and have fun with your in-laws.

[BTW, if it had been my in-laws, or even my parents, I would have made a point of doing a century today... :D]

Richard D 05-05-02 10:40 AM

I can't really give you any advice other than to consider whether they'd be happy spending time alone with your wife, and whether your wife would be happy. They might appreciate sometime alone with your wife and be quite happy, but if you don't think they would, I'd forget the riding.


ljbike 05-05-02 10:49 AM

If there is nothing planned, a BBQ or something special as a family unit; I'd ask if they minded my going for a ride because I look forward to doing it all week. You have to play it be ear, really. Aand, as Richard suggests, does you wife mind being alone with them?

b_rider 05-05-02 10:59 AM

My wife does not mind being alone with them. But I did ask her opinion as well. She said that I should continue to be a gracious host and not ride today and add on extra miles to my rides this week.

green lion 05-05-02 11:46 AM

B-rider, I am a very easy going and generous person...until it comes down to my bike! My wife would already now what to say :crash: : "he WILL be gone".

But I do would make an extra effort to get up before dawn and ride twice as hard!! But of course.., that's just me.

mike 05-05-02 11:51 AM

You should be able to break free for two hours without anybody feeling any disrespect.

If you are gone for a half day (four hours), that would probably send a poor message to your visitors.

windchaser 05-05-02 12:13 PM

early morning rides are the best on weekends
maybe you should have snuck out then be back in time to make breakfast for everyone? depends on how far you intended to go i guess.

b_rider 05-05-02 12:29 PM

Unfortunatly the mornings, especially early in the morning are not quite warm enough to ride. It is still getting down to 35 degrees at night in my area. Maybe someday when the cold canadian air stays north where it belongs it will actually warm up earlier here. A ride in the morning, at least for right now is not an option.

I decided to stay and entertain our guests. But the day is not a total failure regarding my riding. There is a new route I want to drive before I ride it, so I think we are going to do that. Maybe all of us will and stop at a famous local ice cream shop along the way.

At least it will have something to do with cycling. Thanks for your opinions though.

windchaser 05-05-02 12:59 PM

from my musings on the weather network before heading out riding this morning, the cold weather is coming from nebraska
perhaps bundling up better will help your morning rides, i rode all winter.

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