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samp02 01-24-05 04:38 PM

Time has come for my first trainer. Have read many of the comments and recommendations in this site. Hvae narrowed it to 2 choices :

Saris 2005 CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer'2957-02'


TravelTrac™ Century Fluid Plus Trainer
or the one without the adjustment for resistance.

Will be used just to keep the legs moving in the winter when the weather is just to bad for outdoor riding.

Performance brand is a cheaper price with a return anytime policy. Performance brand is a money savers and penny saved means I can spend it elsewhere on other bike goodies. :)

Thansk for any input

John00 01-24-05 09:21 PM

I have a Performance TravelTrack fluid trainer that's about 6 years old. Bought it after I had knee surgery , put away after it healed and just pulled out of the garage a few weeks ago after surgery on my collarbone.
I just rode it for 3 hours today.
It doesn't have adjustable resistance, but I can change gears if needed, I almost always keep my bike in the highest gear.
I rode it allot back when I first bought it and it's worked flawlessly now after being unused for 6 years. The new one looks a lot like mine. Mine has a different engagement mechanism and a small flywheel. I'm very happy with it and I'll be using it a lot until my MD says I can ride on the road again. It doesn't tear up the tire or make a lot of noise.
It's a great unit I highly recommend it.

pablo27 01-24-05 09:58 PM

I have the Cycleops Fluid 2, and I would recommend it over the Travel Trac. I don't know anything about the Travel Trac, but it looks puny (frame and fluid unit). It looked like they don't give you a video with the puny one either.

I think the Fluid 2 will take like 700 watts or something... you won't max it out.

look at power versus speed for the Fluid 2

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