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livestrong91 01-24-05 05:24 PM

Magnet Trouble
I think my magnet for my wireless computer died on me. I had it sitting on another magnetic surface, not stuck on. My mom, not knowing what it was, stuck it on. Did that de-magnetize it? Is it possible? Because it stopped working right after that. Thanks :)

livestrong91 01-24-05 08:35 PM

Nevermind, I managed to get it working. I think maybe the distance between it and the sensor was off... But I tried it so many ways before... Oh well, it's working.

iamlucky13 01-24-05 11:41 PM

Well, you're doing better than me. One of my siblings bought me a cheap department store computer for Christmas. It worked for about a month, then started resetting itself every now and then, so I'd have to reset the wheel size and I'd lose all my odometry. It started doing it with increasing frequency, so I assumed the battery was dieing and low voltage was triggering the problem. Nope. Guess it's the garbage can for this one.

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