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chession07 01-25-05 04:52 PM

Aerobars for a Spinning Bike?
Anyone know of a product that allows me to (temporarily) bring aerobars to a spin class? I did a half-ironman last year and at least 75% of my training was on a spin bike. During the biking section of the race, I wound up getting pretty fatigued in my neck b/c I hadn't practiced being in the prone position enough. Perhaps a little practice during some winter spinning would alleviate this issues. Any thoughts?

demoncyclist 01-26-05 07:11 AM

Spinning did offer something at one point, but it was strictly for individual training only- not allowed during a class. There are pretty strict guidelines for us instructors in regards to safety for liability reasons.

PanPanX 01-26-05 01:08 PM

weird.. the bikes here at my spin class has handle bars that kind of act like aero bars almost. they stuck waay out... i guess they're more like bull horns.... you could try those clip one aero bars for road bikes, see if those will clip on to the handle bars at class

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