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spectastic 10-10-12 03:56 PM

tennis grip on shimano hood to make it more comfortable
A lot of people switch to sram because they like the hood shape better. They're more comfortable on longer rides. I was wondering whether you can wrap a shimano hood with some sort of grip (say tennis grip) to thicken the grip and make it feel more like sram. I'll probably try it once UPS delivers my bike, but I was wondering what other people think of this idea.

tagaproject6 10-10-12 04:13 PM

Try Hudz.

spectastic 10-10-12 04:16 PM

ah, I was wondering whether they made those. thanks!

still. I'll try the tennis grips first, because they're only 3 bucks..

tagaproject6 10-10-12 04:20 PM

You can try thickening the grips, but they may get in the way of the lever action. You can also use "Bar Phat" and try to put them under the hoods and see if they can thicken the grips a little.

DieselDan 10-10-12 07:56 PM

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