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jlg1290 10-13-12 07:31 AM

Search function not working?
Dear BF,

The search function hasn't been working for me for a few days now, but I haven't seen any threads about it. Did I miss something?


Machka 10-13-12 07:43 AM

It worked just fine yesterday or the day before. What are you clicking and what are you searching for?

Yep ... just did a quick search ... no problem.

otg 10-13-12 07:58 AM

I've been getting this in the search function for a few days also:

Oops! An error occurred: unknown local index 'ForumDelta' in search request

Machka 10-13-12 08:21 AM

What are you clicking in order to search?

jlg1290 10-13-12 08:32 AM


That's what I've been getting, too.


I've tried both the general search bar on the main page and the advanced search. Neither has been working.

Machka 10-13-12 08:41 AM

Go to the main General Cycling forum page. Don't look up at the top ... look a little further down and you'll see a Search Forum link. If you hover your mouse over that link, 3 options should appear. Select Advanced Search.

That seems to be working for me.

In other words, go here:

Then just above the blue bar with white writing which says Title/Thread Starter, Replies/Views, Last Post, etc. ... over on the right side ... you'll see Search Forum. Click it and select the Advanced Search link. Then enter your criteria.

I just entered the word 'travel' into the keywords and got a whole list of posts with that word.

Machka 10-13-12 09:02 AM

For the other error ... report it here:

jlg1290 10-13-12 10:57 AM

Thanks, Machka. The "Search Forum" field works fine, but the general search bar and the Advanced Search page still don't. I'll report it on the assistance form. Cheers.

hamiltonian 10-13-12 11:06 AM

For the record, another way to search the forums is with google
Code: whatever
where "whatever" is your search string.

trek330 10-15-12 03:43 PM

I stil don't have a search function and have tried to notify BF and have posted and have received no response whatsoever from the powers that be.I think it's entirely irresponsible from BF's side.

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