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JPFremin 10-15-12 08:19 AM

1st post - have a question
Hi folks. My bike is out of commission and I need some help! I broke the frame on my 2001 LeMond Tourmalet beyond repair. I was wondering if my hardware would transfer over to a 2008 LeMond Victoire frame. Any LeMond experts out there?



DieselDan 10-15-12 02:24 PM

The fork and headsets are different. Other then that every should swap over.

dedhed 10-19-12 08:21 PM

Are you the original owner? Trek may warranty the frame if you are

JPFremin 10-22-12 07:57 AM

Well I didn't win the frame on Ebay so I ordered a new one from BikeIsland. I went with the Wndsor Knight frameset. I'm not an avid cyclist. I ride for exercise, usually to and from the gym and other cardio sessions. Sometimes I ride just to save gas. The Knight isn't sexy, in fact it's kinda ugly, but it's going to work to get me back on the road again. The thought of spending outdoor riding time on a treadmill or other "spin" machine indoors is upsetting.

Mr. Beanz 10-22-12 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by dedhed (Post 14860398)
Are you the original owner? Trek may warranty the frame if you are

Pay atttention ot this guy. ^^^^^ I broke my Lemond frame and because I was the original owner, Trek replaced it with a free upgrade. TWICE! Broke two frames and both times It was upgraded including the fork. Last time to a Trek since they don't deal with Lemond any longer.

zero85ZEN 10-22-12 10:39 AM

If you are original owner you may qualify for a warranty replacement. Contact a Trek dealer. (I was a Trek/LeMond shop employee for years.)

JPFremin 10-29-12 07:00 AM

I'm not the original owner, so i pretty much have written off this frame. Thanks for the feedback. Everything is transferring over to the Windsor fine. Had to buy a new handlebar stem to fit the new headset. Bought a new SRAM chain just because.

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