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lkff 01-26-05 02:13 PM

Gaerne Marte
Gaerne Marte

Is there anyone who have experience with Gaerne Marte?
I have send an email to Sportpartner (Norwegian importer of Gaerne), they said the only different from Leroi (top model) is the adjusting strap. :D

What kind of feeling do you have when you are wearing these shoes?

lkff 01-28-05 09:30 AM

No one? :o

dirtbikedude 01-29-05 10:40 AM

I have not used their mtb shoes but their MX boots are nice and hold up well. I have a few fellow riders that use Gaerne and love the way they feel (not sure which modle though but knowing them they spent at least 150USD )

As long as they fit either shoe should be good.


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