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yonekura 10-17-12 06:25 PM

Front Hub (Question)

I was curious on any recommendations for a front hub with ISO disc mounts. I am not sure there are just so many out there. I also not sure how important a front hub is compared to the rear hub because there is no free hub body.

How would a Hope Pro 2 Evo, SRAM X.9, and Shimano Deore XT front hub compare. I want something that is pretty bomb proof, low maintenance, and affordable, and smooth. I also will be doing lots of winter riding as well as very wet conditions, and in the summer super dry and dusty. So I want very well sealed hub. I am just not sure what to look for and a bit overwhelmed looking online.:twitchy: I am also using 700c size rim.

DieselDan 10-17-12 07:12 PM

Those are three of the best you could. Pick one. The Shimano is probably a center lock rotor, the other six bolt.

yonekura 10-17-12 07:19 PM

I can get the Shimmano with 6 bolt as well. Could you elaborate what you mean by

Those are three of the best you could.

fietsbob 10-17-12 08:07 PM

Hope is UK, SRAM is ROC, Shimano May Be too, perhaps Jpn.

I have 2 Schmidt dyno-hubs, with disc mounts, one is 6 bolt,
the other centerloc.
I have an adaptor to use 6 bolt discs.
I run my lights off them.. there are pieces made to tap USB power
off them to keep your mobile phone, etc. juiced.

Shimano has one too, in the Alfine group.

minus the power

add to list: Phil Wood and Chris King and White industries
they are Made here on the west coast.
but no 6v3w, output.

Darth_Firebolt 10-17-12 08:15 PM

Originally Posted by yonekura (Post 14852809)
I can get the Shimmano with 6 bolt as well. Could you elaborate what you mean by

he's saying that out of all of the 6 bolt hubs you can buy, the Hope, X9, and XT are 3 of the best options.

DieselDan 10-18-12 04:43 PM

Those are three of the best hubs you could purchase. Sorry I lost something between my brain and the keyboard.

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