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jezmellors 10-23-12 03:11 AM

Anyone ever imported a bike and saved lots of money?
Hello guys,

has anyone here ever sourced a bike over the internet from another country and saved lots of cash? specifically Indonesia? I've found a few sites and it seems there are huge savings to be made but it seems too good to be true. I've been offered a brand new 2012 Specialized S-works Epic carbon 29er for $2150 including delivery to the UK (With a choice of XTR or Sram XX) and a 2012 Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4 Di2 for $3900 including delivery. There are more deals like this, this is just two i contacted who replied straight away but most seem to be in Indonesia. They seem legit to me but dare i part with that much money?

ratdog 10-23-12 03:42 AM

Have you figured in how much it will cost you to get this through customs and how long it will be held up? You may not save as much as you think.

Plus, when things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

jimc101 10-23-12 03:45 AM

If it's a Specialized, you shouldn't be able to mail order it from anywhere in the world, even in the UK, as their sales policies normally prevent anything other than instore sales for complete bikes. Same applies to many other brands, Marin & Trek to name 2.

Are you really sure there will be a saving? no warranty, setup, aftermarket support, and just wait till you get hit with the customs fee (VAT, Import duty and handling , that will increase the price significantly). Add to this how do you know they are legit the prices sound far too cheap to be genuine, prices can be cheaper overseas, but not by the amount they are quoting. How do they want payment? guessing Western Union?

If you really want to get a good value for money bike, you have On-One / Planet X at your doorstep, at least you have warranty and no VAT issues with them, as they are UK based, or look at the Euro (German) suppliers, Canyon for direct, or Rose and other stores which can be a lot cheaper than the UK, no customs or VAT issues, but still you will have issues with sending stuff back for warranty.

jezmellors 10-23-12 03:59 AM

Update on this subject guys:-

It seems this is a common scam in Indonesia -

I got the contacts from a Hong Kong website called -

I guess i'll keep saving up like everyone else.

StephenH 10-23-12 11:46 AM

One thing that wil often tell you if it's a scam- look at the brands they offer, then look on those brands' websites, and see if that dealer is an authorized dealer for the brand. If they're selling Acme bikes and Acme doesn't list any such dealer, something majorly screwy is going on.

Also keep in mind that buying stuff from overseas, you'd have very little recourse if anything goes wrong with the deal. If it's a $20 item and doesns't work out, that's not so bad, but for a big-ticket item, it'd be a disaster for a lot of us.

Speaking for myself, my level of ignorance on bike topics is such that I'm partly going to be depending on the dealer to tell me what I need to buy, so I'd want to deal with someone local if possible.

Flying Merkel 10-23-12 12:00 PM

Sometimes we just want to believe. At least 3 times a day, I'll get spam email that I really wish was true. Mysterious fortunes in Nigeria, Facebook lottery winnings, and Hot Singles in Your Area Want to Meet You!

fietsbob 10-23-12 01:51 PM

Hong Kong and Singapore are places to get things made in Asia ..

No experience , .. best to Go there and get things 1st hand,

Rode the Ferry from Newcastle to Norway, another passenger
got his VAT forms stamped at exit port, to get a Refund...

I DK if he reentered UK and declared the Bike again to the Tax man.

that may result in a 20% rebate, but you may need, like,
a Norwegian address .. to get the check.

but you ask about a posh top shelf bling bike..
throttle back on the gadgetry to what you can Afford..

jezmellors 10-23-12 02:40 PM

Yeah, i was seduced by the dream of a bling bike for ordinary bike money. Thankfully i had the sense to stop and think and then ask advice. So, a little egg on the face but a costly mistake avoided and maybe this post will save someone else making that mistake too. Good old Bike Forums. <3

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