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GaryPitts 10-31-12 04:23 PM

Brooks Flyer vs. B67
I have ridden B17s for a couple of years now and a Flyer for just a time or two. I would be interested to hear others thoughts and experiences on the B67 vs. the Flyer. It would be going on a hybrid. Is it too wide? Is it significantly more comfortable? Is it ANY more comfortable? If you're going to ride 60 or 80 miles, which one would you want?

Juggler2 10-31-12 05:42 PM

I have two B67's, and plan on buying a third this coming spring. They are pretty comfortable and are a good fit for me. I ride in an upright position (think Raleigh Sports), with Northroads style bars. The Flyer uses the same leather top as the B17. Little narrow for me.

wahoonc 11-01-12 03:48 AM

The more upright the more comfortable the B67 is going to be. I use the Flyer on my drop bar touring bike and my expedition bike, both have a more aggressive riding position. I use B66/B67 on my Raleigh Superbe, Twenty and Redline R530 which are all upright style bikes where you put more weight on your arse. For real comfort I have a B33 on my Raleigh Roadster, but that is like a Fleetwood Limousine.

Aaron :)

capejohn 11-02-12 10:24 PM

I have been riding a B67 for a few years on a hybrid bike and highly recommend it. I did try it on my road and touring bikes but that did not work out.

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