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krobinson103 11-01-12 04:15 AM

Exercise bike (not spinning - cheap variety) value for maintaining conditioning
Yes I know... rollers and spin bikes are much better but this is what I have and I don't think the wife will agree we need any more bikes. 5 real bikes and 2 exercise bikes are all we need. So, for the last two days I've experimented with just riding said exercise bikes for 80 minutes at 4am. This is compared to my usual 30km flat course that I finish in 70-80 minutes. Sadly its getting too cold out for me ride before the sun rises so I needed an alternative. Also riding 12000km in 8 months on my nice bike is starting to cost in maintenance - more than I really want to spend at the moment.

From my limited comparison the effort required seems to be similar (if you adjust the tension knob every now and then to simulate going up or down). All I really want to do is keep my calorie output as high as I usually do and keep my legs in shape for daily commuting and the long weekend rides I fully intend to continue all year.

So... other than the sheer boredom of it all (I love downloaded series... makes it somewhat interesting and I can watch my way through them and exercise at the same time) are there any real downsides?

StephenH 11-01-12 05:57 AM

"other than the sheer boredom of it all "- that sounds to me like "Other than the fact that it sucks in every conceivable way, is there any downside?". My point being, that the reason I bicycle in the first place is because it is exercise that I like, which means I'll actually do it, as opposed to sitting by the computer snacking and thinking "I should probably be exercising". So if it was sheer boredom, there would be very little positive left, in my mind.

One of the advantages of riding outside is that you do encounter the unexpected- so one day is a nice ride, then the next day, you hit the headwind, or you ride with people faster than you- anyway, you sometimes wind up working harder than you planned for whatever reason.

hyegeek 11-01-12 07:16 AM

It beats doing nothing. That said, I have yet to get my exercise bike out this year. Instead, I bought some studded tires and have ventured out in wet weather that had me inside last year. So far, the best thing the exercise bike has done for me is motivate me to get out in more kinds of weather than I would otherwise.

krobinson103 11-01-12 07:25 AM

Its not that bad. No worse than riding the same course for 5 months straight. Besides it also has the advantage of zero chance of a mechanical breakdown making me late for work. I had 2 flats on one ride ladt week and that surely made getting yhe kids off and biking to work a real challenge. I also have concerns about ice in the dark. If you can't see it you are likely to go down. Happened once on my motorcycle. Not something I intend to repeat.

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