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kenfield 11-03-12 04:59 PM

Looking for advice (New Cyclist)
I'm extremely interested in pursuing a goal of biking from Minneapolis to Duluth in the summer of 2013. Its a 166 mile bike ride, and I've done some research into it already. However, I am very new to the world of cycling and would love some advice from experienced cyclists, especially along the lines of:
How long should I train beforehand?
What's the best way to train?
What should I bring with?
How much should I eat/drink the night before?

This is the number one short-term goal I have right now, and I would really like some advice on how to achieve it :)

10 Wheels 11-03-12 05:10 PM

coupster 11-03-12 06:27 PM

A little more info please. 166 miles one way or round trip? What style of bike are you going to use? How long are you allowing for this ride to take? IIRC that route is relatively flat. Correct?

no1mad 11-03-12 06:28 PM

If your goal is to tackle that non-stop, then I'd be looking in this forum-

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