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olivar 09-13-00 11:11 AM


My name is Olivier Roussille (What??????), Yes, I am not from here.....I am a french Filmaker in New York City and I am currently working on a documentary about Bike messengers in New york city. I used to be sort of a bike messenger in Paris and try to explore the american version.....

I look for people involved in the Bike Messenger Industry (messengers, owner of BM company, legal, People at the Mayor Office......Cops( sorry guys but I need to hear from them too...) to set up interviews.
They must have something to say about their experience (painful or very fun), injury they could have had during their job, or anything else with some interest for the audience.
I am also open to any suggestions or comments, feel free to tell me, for instance what you expect (if so) from a documentary about the BM.

You have the right to tell me that my english sucks,




olivar 10-06-00 11:04 AM

Hello Ba-Dg-Er!!!

Sorry for the delay but I am not used to check my email on this web site.
Anyway, Thanks for your answer, encouraging and funny!
(I didn't mean to be SO funny but at leat I made you laugh!!!!)

So, I would be interested in chating with you and see if we could work out something. If you have anystory to tell me I would be glad to hear them and also, if you know very interesting bike messenger, let me know.

For the moment, I am looking for footages of the last Bike Messenger World Championnship held in Washington if I remember...So if you know anybody to contact.....

Thanks in advance

Olivier le Frenchy

messenger69 11-08-00 05:45 PM

I will talk to you about my experiences as a bike messenger on both coasts. I actually want to ride in Europe so maybe I could get some info from you.

MadCat 11-08-00 11:39 PM
try there i think
i'm getting really close to quitting my job and becoming a bicycle messenger myself. Not in Ney York though; in Edmonton Canada.

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