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Boudicca 01-30-05 07:30 AM

Renting bikes in Victoria BC?
Anyone know if you can rent bikes in Victoria, BC? I'm going to Vancouver on business in a few weeks, and figured I might tack on a weekend in Victoria, because I've never actually been there. And the idea of biking while I'm there has a certain appeal, given that the climate is definitely going to be better than it will be in Toronto in late-February/early March. And while I'm asking Victoria-type questions, any ideas of a couple of day-trips from there. I've not been riding over the winter, wimp that I am, so it would be stupid to go too far, but I'm open to suggestions.

Tks everyone.

Maelstrom 01-30-05 10:03 AM

I could only google it

If you want real info has some islanders who will have more info for your trip :)

jeff williams 01-30-05 02:07 PM

Costal cycle and watersports, 1-1610 Island Highway (250)-391-1980.

Cycle b.c rentals, 747 douglas st. (250)-380-2453. //

Harbour rentals, 450 Swift st. 995-1661.

Reckless bike stores, 5 locations -downtown 383-2404.

Selkirk station bicycle, 800 Tyee rd, 383-1466.

Sports rent * #3-1950 Goverment, 385-7368.

That's all from phone directory. Bring your wet riding gear if you have any.
Victoria is likely the warmest place in canada right now..but wet.
Per year, fair bit less rain than Vancouver though.

babaluey 01-30-05 10:24 PM

Nice 1 or 2 day trip: the Galloping Goose trail <a href=""></a>. About 40 km from downtown Victoria to Sooke. If you have the time, there are several nice B and B's in Sooke, so you can ride there 1 day, stay overnight and ride back to Victoria the next day. If you can't overnight, then just hit the trail and go until you want to turn around. Also, it's very nice to ride along the Victoria waterfront - make your way from downtown around to the east side of the city.

pedal 02-01-05 11:33 AM

What kind of bicycle do you want to rent, and what kind of trips do you think you'd like to take? We've got it all...IMHO.

SamHouston 02-01-05 12:35 PM

I don't know about Victoria but if you need a rented ride while in Van there is a LBS right downtown that rents lowend to highend called Simons

clevernamehere 02-01-05 06:44 PM

My wife & I rented a couple of mountain bikes while we were there for our 10th anniversary... just for about an hour or so. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the shop. I know I found it by googling "bike rental victoria bc".

Just a couple of tips:
- You might want to bring your helmet. The place we rented the bikes included helmets, but... well... a thousand others' head sweat :eek:
- The beautiful trail along the ocean is marked "no bikes". We figured this out after a few strange looks.

I must say I'm envious of you. Vancouver Island is gorgeous place. I'd love to go back & tour the island on bike!

pedal 02-01-05 06:58 PM

[QUOTE=clevernamehere]- The beautiful trail along the ocean is marked "no bikes". We figured this out after a few strange looks.


That's a walking trail/off-leash dog area. You can ride on the road right beside that trail. I do everyday as do MANY other cyclists. I take it for granted how nice it is and to have it rideable 365 a year.

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