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hambyje 01-30-05 02:55 PM

pedal problems
I am new to mtb and am having problems keeping my feet on the pedals. This happens during shifting ocassionally. The biggest problem is landing jumps though; I bent a seat post yesterday after slipping from the pedals during the landing. I don't know if I am ready for clipless pedals. Are there any other options.

forum*rider 01-30-05 03:39 PM

If you're doing jumps/drops most people don't use clipless. Maybe some new shoes or platforms with more grip?

With shifting, is the pedal kind of stuttering when you shift?(don't know of a better way to put it...) I know that happens to me once in awhile when I try to shift while putting too much pressure on the drivetrain. When you shift try to let up on the pedals for a bit and not push so hard, that might help you get some smoother shifting.

phantomcow2 01-30-05 04:18 PM

Either your shoes have no traction, or the most likely candidate is that your pedals have no grip. Try azonic A frame. But i know i had problems with that also, and its just a matter of controlo. You cant let your leg fly out to the side like that. You could try Powergrips also, do a search its by eko sports

molten 02-20-05 10:12 PM

BMX pedals work great, if You want to stay with atb shoes. {but they'll grind up the sole in the long run. But worth the grip.) Atb shoes are very comfy to wear all day long, as casual shoes. Like the (discontinued) Specialized Rockhoppeers that I wear everyday.

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