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phantomcow2 01-30-05 06:04 PM

How do i ship a frame?
I want to ship a frame, its a dirt jumper frame so its not that big. But where on earth do i find a box with those dimensions? could UPS supply it?

SoonerBent 01-30-05 06:14 PM

Any kind of moving co. or box co. would have one. But the cheapest way is to ask LBS's for a box that some new bike came in. They've been happy to give me one the couple of times I've needed one.


phantomcow2 01-30-05 06:55 PM

Thats a good idea, i have a pretty good relationship with the guys at the LBS. Plus im buying tires from them tommorow hopefully, so i think i deserve it!

travis200 01-30-05 07:52 PM

When I sold a frame I just went to a LBS and asked then didn't even hesitate just told me to look in the back for the size I needed. Only problem was most were for complete bikes and I only needed it for a frame so I cut the box down to size.

EventServices 01-31-05 08:28 AM

A bit off topic:
I bought my Zinn at Turin B.S. in Evanston and flew home with it.
The airline let me stow the frame in the coat closet.

The pilot and flight attendants even stopped to oogle it. Not because it was pretty but because they had never seen a naked bike frame.

This was in 1989 before anyone cared.

ngateguy 01-31-05 02:18 PM

If your LBS doesn't have the right size try uhaul. Don't buy your boxes from a UPS store ar mailbox place they over charge for the things. You could also check with a home depot or some such store they may have a good size for you

mindbogger 01-31-05 03:48 PM

The smaller the box the cheaper it is to ship. I shipped a dually frame to Italy. Took off the swing arm and packed it in there. Cost around 120US via DHL. Smaller the box cheaper it is.. :D

mindbogger 01-31-05 03:49 PM

Forgot to add, I made my own box. Couldn't find a box with the right dimensions so I ended up cutting up a box and going from there.

ngateguy 01-31-05 04:51 PM

You can always take a regular bike box and cut it down if you can keep it under 108" length+girth there will be no extra shipping charges (thats for UPS)

phantomcow2 01-31-05 06:49 PM

yea i think i will do the cut down approach. UPS is showing 30-40 and i charged 30

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