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astompa 01-31-05 03:35 PM

Lance Armstrong Live Strong Radio
Supposedly Lance now has a radio show on Sirius.
Anybody hear it? What's the content?

hi565 01-31-05 03:41 PM

ehhh I dont have sirius, i got Xm, that bastard :D

I think he has some sponsorship wish sirius?

astompa 01-31-05 03:44 PM

I'm trying to decide between the two. Supposedly they are working on a possible merger but it's still a way's off.

cyclwestks 01-31-05 08:25 PM

I have DishNetwork with Sirius, but didn't know what channel. Does anyone know if the station is on the (sirius) DishNet service?

Stretch 02-01-05 11:34 AM

go to

Click on the link in the yellow box, lower right corner for more info.

RedHairedScot 02-01-05 02:30 PM

Live from Austin?

But, but . . I'M in Austin!

(Not specifically a Lance thing, but I'd love to be riding around the city and see another rider and think "Hey, I've seen that guy on TV...")

Dewbert 03-05-06 08:32 PM

Listening to it now...pretty bad, really. I'm disappointed...had high hopes for it, but a radio host, Lance is not.

Guest 03-05-06 08:53 PM

If LA is talking technical stuff, I would say it would be fascinating radio. If he's shooting the breeze and talking about anything other than training, I'd think it would be a yawner. Dood is not very articulate. :(

XM will never merge with Sirius. Sirius is a losing venture overall, with all the celebs and the crazy contracts they've been passing around. XM is the true money making profit venture, and if you compared the two, you'll find both of them state that they've produced profits. Unfortunately, if you subtract out the money from the contracts, you'll find that Sirius is losing money, while XM is not. From what the business pages say, Sirius will continue to lose money, and within 5 years, maybe they'll be out of business, unless they can come up with some other way to earn the money they lose with contracts. So I hope Lance enjoys the show... chances are, it wont be around within a few years. :(


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