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filly 02-01-05 09:57 AM

AWESOME deal on Pro Race
Just picked up a couple of tires (700x23) from Performance for $19.99 each...and they were red, not violet!!! Let the lashings begin--I broke my Performance no-coupon boycott. Can't pass on this, though.

TCR 02-01-05 01:08 PM

Do you have a link? They're showing as $34.98 for the red/23.

filly 02-01-05 08:53 PM

Guess what? A friend was asking me the same thing, so I checked for the link about 30 minutes after placing my order, and the price had changed to the one you mentioned. I guess somebody screwed up at Performance and listed the wrong price. I wouldn't be surprised if it was my order coming through that caught their attention. I would hope they still honor the price of my order, being that my confirmation email shows the $19.99. I guess I should have ordered about 10 tires instead of 2!!!

samp02 02-02-05 04:18 AM

red is better than violet.

peterm5365 02-02-05 11:17 AM

Hope you got the faster shipping. Still waiting after 3 weeks for a freakin stem.

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