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MidasMk1 01-26-13 10:48 AM

What items do you carry when riding?
Hey All,

Im currently looking at designing a product for a Uni project, to help a cyclist on their commute, whether that be to work, or just out for a ride etc.

My question is what luggage do you carry? (can be any size item), what difficulties do you have when transporting this?.

For which method do you currently use to carry the luggage, eg. Rucksack, again what problems are found that you would like to see banished?

Finally, what items would you like to carry on a daily basis, but cannot?
If you could, what would be the one item you would like to carry the most?

Many thanks for taking the time to reading this,
I look forward to the replies.


Velo Dog 01-26-13 11:40 AM

It varies depending on the ride. For my commute (12 miles one way), usually just a patch kit, spare tube and multi-tool in a small seat bag or burrito wrap, plus a frame-fit pump. The bag is no bigger than my hand. That goes with me on all rides.
On day trips or weekend rides (typically 30-50 miles) I'll add clothing appropriate to the weather in a larger seat bag (I've accumulated several over the years, up to a Carradice Longflap). Small items--camera, sunscreen, snacks, maps when necessary)--go in a tubular handlebar bag for easy access. A couple of my bikes have rear racks, and sometimes I'll bungee a jacket or poncho on there. Groceries ride home the same way. I can't think of anything I'd reasonably want to carry that I can't manage.
I bought a set of panniers on sale years ago, but have never put them on the bike. I've recently retired, except for occasional freelance work, and plan to increase my bike time and decrease my driving, so I may be installing those when the weather warms.

1nterceptor 01-26-13 12:22 PM

Patch kit, tire levers, spare tube, pen, latex gloves in a water bottle
placed in a bottle carrier. Air pump mounted on the frame. Wallet,
cellphone, clear lenses for my sunglasses goes in my jersey pockets.
So I'm good to go, thanks anyway :)
STROLLING THRU THE PARK by 1nterceptor, on Flickr

Snug Harbor:

howsteepisit 01-26-13 03:30 PM

Biggest problem when commuting is not what is carried, but having some secure and relatively secure storage options for the gear carrying device. Saddlebags and panniers need to be removed from the bike when locking it up for the day, and thats a pain.

Machka 01-27-13 04:39 AM

Carradice has a good line of products. I use the Pendle for shorter rides and the Nelson Longflap for longer rides.

There is nothing I would like to carry on a daily basis, but cannot. If it is important enough for me to carry on a daily basis, I've worked out a way to carry it.

Retro Grouch 01-27-13 07:38 AM

My philosophy is to carry only enough stuff to handle one flat tire.

Since I've started riding recumbents, however, I've acquired some pretty big bike bags. (Check my avitar picture.) I tend to throw stuff into them because there's room and not think about ever taking it out. I honestly don't know what I have in my bags right now. I'm thinking about getting a smaller one just to limit how much junk I can carry.

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