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urbancommuter 01-29-13 01:54 PM

Storing your bike in Boston
Hey everyone,
One of the biggest problems I have with riding my bike in the city is trying to figure out where to put it when not in use. I have very limited space in my apartment and I'd prefer not to leave my bike outside to the elements. There are currently 3 bikes in my apartment cluttering any free space we have. Any solutions? My landlord does not allow us to drill holes in the wall.

cderalow 01-29-13 03:23 PM

get some of those gravity type two up racks that have a foot that makes contact with the floor, and a clamp or extension pole to meet the ceiling.

fietsbob 01-29-13 04:03 PM

I screwed J hooks in the ceiling joists and hung them upside down.

My last 2 bikes have small wheels the wheel does take up more space when Bigger..
folding bikes go in a closet..

dynaryder 01-29-13 06:24 PM

They make several models that hold two or more bikes,no holes needed.

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