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Ranger63 02-01-13 11:49 PM

Worst Bike part purchase off eBay
There are some items that-no matter how good they look or how much the seller assures you they're in top shape- wind up being a bad buy.
For me it's been downtube shifters.
Quite a few online outlets have opened offering decent buys on new 6-9 speed downtube shifters and it's the way I've begun going.
I even bought out the Gilmores stock of sun tour stuff (Loose Screws is closing )BECAUSE it was new.
Wondering what the sore spot is for others who've purchased used.

fietsbob 02-02-13 02:00 AM

I stay away from the 'bay.

Bike Friday put the bike I own, Now, on there , But I called them Up , and we conducted business directly.

xenologer 02-02-13 02:57 AM

Worst has to be the part that gets lost in the mail.

grigor 02-03-13 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by xenologer (Post 15227147)
Worst has to be the part that gets lost in the mail.

not so sure, when i bought my "easy seat from Hobsonseats" it was such a lot of crapp, I wish it would have been lost in the mail LOL.

devianb 02-03-13 09:55 PM

Gel seat cover. It would always slip to one side while riding.

catonec 02-03-13 10:35 PM

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as far as bicycle related items there are 2 items I was disappointed with that came from ebay.

the first wasnt ebays fault, it was UPS. I bought this bike (my first roadie) it was "destroyed in shipping" and never made it to my house. I was re-imbursed.

the other was a pair of neoprene cycling booties. I ordered what I thought was the correct size but they were too small. I exchanged them for the x-large size and they just barely fit over my shoes. They are actually uncomfortable around my ankles and the velcro comes undone easily. I never wear them. Fortunately I used my "ebay bucks" for that purchase so no big loss.

Ranger63 02-04-13 07:11 AM

Assessing a bit more, it seems to be the private purchases (rather than purchases from eBay 'stores' like BensCycle)that are suspect. I'm never quite sure where the seller gets the pristine photo of the time being sold because far too often the item arrives full of dirt and grime. I've even begun to look elsewhere (nos anymore)for the vintage cycling components.
The decent aspect about ebay has been finding factual shops carrying items I need. Dealing with a viable concern seems a lot less risky (and coming with a lot less headaches)than the individual seller,.

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