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eriklares 02-09-13 04:06 AM

Sore knees after a long ride.
On Wednesday, I went on my first distance ride in two years, and my very first long distance ride on a fixed gear. I haven't done a ride longer than 8 miles in about 2 years. The total of this trip was about 46 miles. The first half of the ride went fine, legs warmed up, kept a steady pace of about 12-14 miles an hour. Managed to complete the first half with a mild case of saddle soreness. I took a 20 minute break, took some time to enjoy the beach I had ridden to. I noticed that an injury in my knee had started to act up. I got hit by a car while riding my bike in June, and although the knee hurts to walk on some times, on a bike it feels fine, but it aggravated for the first time (at least by bike) during the first half of this ride. On top of that, I had a weird sort of burn, knot in the muscles, but in both knees. This burn didn't hurt, it felt more like a sore or tired muscle inside the joint. Has anybody experienced this sort of burning? Might i need to adjust my saddle or cranks?

Machka 02-09-13 05:36 AM

Chances are what you're experiencing is because you haven't done a ride longer than 8 miles in about 2 years ... and all of a sudden, without building up to it, you've done 46 miles.

But is this a new bicycle and have you checked the fit of your bicycle?

GrouchoWretch 02-09-13 11:13 AM

What does your orthodoc say about this?

fietsbob 02-09-13 11:33 AM

Might be over gearing and pushing harder than needed, but Im a touring rider,
JRA, not so performance focused.

see a sports ortho specialist for real answers.

MadCityCyclist 02-09-13 10:02 PM


I haven't done a ride longer than 8 miles in about 2 years. The total of this trip was about 46 miles.
There 'ya go, most likely. Fit could be another issue. Plus, if you're eight years older than your last big cycling memory, you should know that older age complicates things with the body and you can't just saddle up for a lengthy jaunt like before without paying the price. See a cycling doctor for a professional opinion.

eriklares 02-10-13 12:31 AM

I'm 22 years old. I haven't asked an orthopedist, but i guess it would be a good idea. The fit on the bike is near perfect. Knees haven't bugged me. I'm going to give the ride another shot next week, and see if i get the same result. The bike i rode has been my daily commuter for the past 6-7 months, so it feel perfectly comfortable, but who knows, might need adjustment, just because it feels fine on a short ride doesn't mean it'll be good for a longer ride.

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