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jyl 02-12-13 12:00 PM

Buying From Ribble In The UK
I am looking for some Campagnolo Veloce bits, and on another thread I was pointed to Ribble in the UK. Their prices for Veloce, indeed for many Campagnolo parts, seem significantly lower than the online sources I've been in the habit of using.

I am wondering

- Are their prices as low as they seem to me, or am I out of touch with Campagnolo pricing today

- For a customer in the US, are there "gotchas" to using Ribble - exorbitant fees, slow shipping, reliability, customs duties, iffy experiences or great ones?


Mr. Beanz 02-12-13 03:29 PM

I just received an Ultegr hub set from Ribble. Shipping was during the Christmas season so I expected it to be a bit slow. Oredered Dec 14th received on January 8th. I emailed them after 15(?) working days asking about my order since the other UK site ProBikekit delivered my order within 10 working days. My order arrived a couple hours after I sent the email, go figure.

Ribble responded that some US orders may take up to 20 working days. Not bad considering my order was placed during busy season so I'd say they did ok with the 15 working days!

It was the first time I used Ribble and I did happened to make a typo on my original order. I sent and email to customer service and they responded rather quickly verifying that had made the correction for me. Both times I contacted them, they responded quickly!

I'd expect that you may have to wait 10 workng day snow that he holdiday is over. Which is the norm for Probikekit.

I did have one friend mentioned his order once got caught up and delayed after hitting customs (large order). Hasn't happened to me in 2 orders form Probikekit and one order from Ribble. ;)

The hubs from ribble front and rear 10 speed hub set $136!!!!!:thumb:...just the front alone is $74 most other places and the rear $128.

$136 delivered...for the prices, I'll use them again! :thumb:
hubs by gulpxtreme, on Flickr

Looigi 02-12-13 04:40 PM

Agree. I've ordered various items from Ribble, Wiggle and a few other sources in the UK without issue. I just placed an order with Ribble today. Always used postal service for shipping, but times can be quite variable, sometimes taking 2-3+ weeks. It seems stuff sometimes gets delayed at the US port of entry.

ahsposo 02-12-13 05:56 PM

I've only used Pro Bike Kit for some Campy stuff but mainly "tyres" and have A) liked the prices and B) never had to stress over shipping times.

The biggest down side I've only read about. Occasionally the US Custom Service with wake up and demand import fees.

bconneraz 02-12-13 05:59 PM

I've purchased Campy from them several times, all without issue, and quick delivery to the US. I love Ribble. Amazing prices, and I've had great service.

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