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nevermore1701 02-13-13 09:38 PM

C&O Canal/Gap trail
I have a few questions about this trail.Has anyone used a trailer on it? If so what kind did you use? Are there and spots along
the trail where you can stop and fish?
any answers will be appreciated
thanks you

JimF22003 02-14-13 04:52 AM

Try the Touring forum. I see lots of discussion of the GAP and C&O over there. They also have links to some Google Groups and other discussion forums related to the trail.

I wouldn't fish out of the C&O (if there are even any fish in it.) It's usually covered with green slime from the algae.

redcon1 02-14-13 06:26 AM

Well considering the towpath runs between canal and the Potomac River, I'd say fishing spots would be plentiful on that section. :lol:

jtaylor2 02-14-13 06:39 AM



Altair 4 02-14-13 09:07 AM

THis article is a bit old, but google "fishing on the Youghiogheny" and fishing the Casselman river". You should find plenty of information.

gpsblake 02-14-13 08:25 PM

Since a lot of the C&O is dual track, a one wheel trailer will work but a 2 wheel trailer will be a huge pain. The below pic from (the best site for C&O canal info) shows what a lot of the trail is.
So a single wheel Bob will work well.

Along the C&O, as long as you have the license, finding a fishing spot won't be a problem anywhere along it. The biggest catfish in my life I have seen was at Harper's Ferry right by the bridge. Gorp has a good article on fishing along the C&O, sounds like a bunch of fishing opportunities.

As far as the GAP, a two wheel trailer will work. Don't know about the fishing though.

nevermore1701 02-15-13 12:03 AM

Thank you very much
i appreciate the information

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