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Amir R. Pakdel 05-10-02 09:28 PM

The tour to Klein
Dunno who cares, but the faculty of Metals and Material Engineering (which I'm going to next year) at University of British Columbia takes the fourth year students to a tour of companies such as Boeing, GM, and etc.... and also Klein!

Heh, I bet most of my class mates are excited about all the other ones, and don't even know what the hell Klein is. Damn, it's cool stuff.

The bad thing is that... it's two years from now!
AAARGH! :irritated

KleinMp99 05-10-02 09:36 PM

Count me in:thumbup:

OmahaRider 05-11-02 08:39 AM

Heard through the grape vine that Klein production is being moved to WI---to be in-house with Trek production.

Not sure if this rumor is true or not---but I would hurry up and get that tour in.

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