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squatchy 02-15-13 08:17 AM

Powertap wheelset -vs- Hed Belgium C2
So I am currently riding on some Hed Belgium C2 clinchers, 32 hole f/r with DT Swiss 350's. I just love this wheel set. I am 6'2", #250 by the way. I am going to start training with power. I want a power tap. Here is my question. I can get my wheel builder to build a rear wheel with G3 32 h Belgium C2 clincher for the same amount as I can buy this entire wheelset.

I really don't want to sacrafice my quality of ride. DO you think the ebay wheelset will ride like my current set. Not sure if I want to buy a rear to match my current or an entire new wheel set for the same price. Ride quality is my most considered item. Although if I can get an entire set for the price of a rear that is good too. Both are 23 wide. Not sure how hubs, spokes rim all work together.

How much would my current ride quality by putting a G3 in it?




Looigi 02-15-13 08:31 AM

I've been riding HED Belgiums for 2+ years and really like them. That said, I don't think there'd be a difference in ride or feel between the PT wheels (with Velocity A23 rims) and similar wheels built up with HED rims. Note too that the list price for that wheelset is $1500 at

You'd have to ask your builder what it would cost to build a wheel for you, but you can add up the list price on the parts: ~$130 for a C2 rim, $1300 for the PT G3, ~$65 spokes/nips, ....

squatchy 02-15-13 08:36 AM

My wheelbuilder's price for G3/C2 is $1450 for the rear only.

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