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daneklarer 02-15-13 04:21 PM

Tire suggestion
I just bought a 1987 trek 400 with really cool looking red/black Vredestein Fortezza 700cX23 tires. After closer inspection, though, they seem to be dry rotted. Now I'm looking for suggestions for a decent, similarly sized tire that comes in red/black.. because it just looks so cool on my bike. Should I stick with a new pair of Vredesteins, or try something different?

hochflynn 02-15-13 05:08 PM

Lots of great tires out there, so you'll get a lot of different feedback and questions about where and how much you ride, your riding style, weight and such. I actually have used the Vredestein Fortezza Tri-Comps for years. I have over 3,500 miles on my current pair and rarely flat. So obviously I like them, but others will also share great experiences with tires that they use.

Mr. Beanz 02-15-13 05:43 PM

Red Continentals $41 at probikekitdotcom...other brands inred also if you care to browse the site (Michelin, Vitorrio and Scwalbe all for about $36-$40)

I order ahead so the 10 day delivery period is never a factor.

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