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mdphoto 02-17-13 07:45 AM

Traveling with your Bike
Let me start by giving a little background info. I use to ride over 500 miles per week and then family and children came and it slowly tapered off. Now that my children at older I started riding again to get back in shape and loss some of the weight I gained over the years.

Now my problem with continuing to ride on a steady basis is that I travel a lot for work. I was talking with some good friends of mine and they chipped in and bought me a Biknd Helium bike travel case. to say I was stunned when I got back from my most recent trip is an understatement. So now I can take either the road bike (Trek Apex H2) or the mountain bike (Gary Fisher Tassajara) on the road with me. Only problem is that when I travel it's with a group and the trunk is full of our suitcases and computer bags.

Does anyone know of a lightweight trunk rack that could either fit in a suitcase or maybe in the Biknd case? I guess the second question is what have others done in a similar circumstance? Appreciate any feedback that I can get.


Looigi 02-17-13 09:49 AM

I haven't used these but I know of:

Sea Sucker racks, such as:

Sarris Solo:

mdphoto 02-17-13 01:31 PM

Some very good information. Thanks for the links. I like the Seasucker unit have to check if it could be used with a sedan.

Originally Posted by Looigi (Post 15283289)
I haven't used these but I know of:

Sea Sucker racks, such as:

Sarris Solo:

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