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recumbenttoad 02-19-13 06:30 PM

A Decision Between Two Salsas
I've been thinking about a new bike. I got rid of five bikes last year and still have three (although I never ride one of them). I really don't need another bike, but the urge is still there.

I ogled one of the Salsa Mukluk 3s and it has a very high cool factor. I don't really need it for what it is intened for, but never the less I can't stop looking at it when I go by the bike shop.

There is also a 2012 Salsa El Mariachi 3 there priced at $1,199 (I think the Mukluk is around $1,800) that I've been looking at. Anyone here have an opinion on which way to go? Again, I don't really need either one and don't really ride off road much but still want something with knobby tires. Curbs, potholes and small tree limbs are most of what I'll see.

Looigi 02-20-13 08:41 AM

First off, you always need another bike. That's an inviolable fundamental law of nature codified mathematically as N+1.

That said, high "cool factor"? More like high bike dork factor. Anyway, since you have no need or real use, get whichever one appeals to your sense of style and fun.

jgt_madone_newb 02-20-13 09:29 AM

I have absolutely no justifiable use whatsoever for a Salsa Mukluk II - but boy, I sure want one.

As noted above, you ALWAYS need one more bike.

recumbenttoad 02-20-13 09:31 AM


That said, high "cool factor"? More like high bike dork factor
I thought "high dork factor" was for Tri-bikes.:p

digger531 02-20-13 11:42 AM

I dont understand the question. 8-5=3.....3+2=5...what other three bikes are you going to buy. Those fat tire bikes are super cool. I want one real bad but I gained 5 bikes last year and a brand new Vaya already this year. I still have a wife but I know i am pushing it.

recumbenttoad 02-20-13 05:01 PM

I just called the shop to ask them a question about a Giant and one of the guys was telling me about the Mukluk he bought. He said he loves it. I mentioned the El Mariachi that I had looked at and, in an unprovoked offer, he told me that if I wanted it he would sell it to me for $1,050. That is very tempting.

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