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MetalPedaler 02-25-13 02:27 PM

Proof Of Bike Value/Repair Estimate For UPS Claim
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Hey Guys,

Sadly, my beautiful pristine '97 Klein was damaged while being shipped to me via UPS by something from the outside which punctured the box and made a dent (and scratches) on the downtube :(

I'm dealing with the store it was shipped from (a UPS store) to try and get compensation. I need to: a)Prove the current value of the bike [In addition to being pristine for it's age- not even any scratches on the underside of the frame- except for the UPS damage- it had also been updated to 9-speed Dura-Ace)

It would also be helpful it I could get a repair estimate (likely more than the value of the bike, if even possible). Who repairs and refinishes aluminum bikes?

Bear in mind that there are NO LBS's around here.

Hard to tell from the pic, but the metal is actually creased (Something whacked it hard!) -otherwise it'd likely be possible to pop it out by getting the metal warm, then spraying some freon on it (Old bodyman's trick....)

I'm figuring the value of this otherwise pristine bike (I mean it was hardly ridden and is like NEW) is pretty much halved by the damage...

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