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Ranger63 02-26-13 07:24 AM

Changing the oli on the alfine11 Internal Geared Hub
Shimano 'dictates' (this goes beyond recommend )siphoning the oil out of the alfine11 hub at 500 miles-purging with new oil-draining and refilling.
Problem is: I cannot find a link to the siphon and thread in boss to do the job.
The threading in the hub is fine thread metric not pipe so maby a diy thread in nipple could be cobbled but I'd rather have the correct stuff .
Anyone know of a link (tried shimano, tried the LBS)?
Anyone made their own and if so what did you use?

doco 02-26-13 10:48 AM

here is a link that might help out, go down a little and you will find several useful links and a youtube video

oops, I just saw you were looking for 11, not the links 8 speed...well maybe something in there will help out

also try this internal gear forum, if anyone can help out they can over there

Paul01 02-26-13 06:18 PM

Try the Bicycle Mechanics board.

fietsbob 02-26-13 06:59 PM

Did you lose the owner's manual? there may be an online PDF version.

Ranger63 03-04-13 05:51 AM

Found several sources. (Simply had to use the word correct terminology )
Amazon carries
Universal Cycles Carries
For the person who commented about losing the manual..Hub came with a simple print out sheet of how to install.
Have had to scour the web to find folks with alfine 11 setups to get tips and hands on advice.
From that; I'm building up my own how to manual.

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