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superstar4410 02-10-05 03:25 PM

We might have another one
Ok, I read that post about the nigerian scam, and I recently got this e-mail, anyone heard anything similar to this going around the web? I *ed out the names.

DEAR ****,

My name is *********. I have a proposal to make that might be interesting to you. Myself and my colleague have in our possession a large sum of money totaling US$10,500.000.00 (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars Only), this money was realized from the sale of oil. The money has been securely lodged in a security company here since last year, but due to the confidential nature of the business, we intend to transfer the money to the affiliate financial security company in Europe for easy transfer to your account for our benefits.

We shall be willing to share the money with you provided you will be ready to co-operate and assist us in receiving the money in a safe bank account. However, be quite informed that this transaction is 100% risk free once out of the country, as we have taken care of every aspect to ensure a smooth and hitchfree exercise,therefore do not entertain any fear whatsoever.The only two determinant factor to the success of this transaction which must be respected at all cost is Trust and Confidentiality.If we must work with you, you must be ready to respect this two factors as we have expended a lot in securing this deposit and would never do anything that will jeopardize our efforts. Although an agreement will be made that will remain binding between us, but we shall still need your strong assurance that our share will be well secured upon transfer and that you will not take advantage of our position to deviate from our initial agreement.

Finally, on your acknowledgement and indication of interest to this proposal, we shall avail you the modalities for actualization of this transaction and what we intend to set aside to you for your assistance. If you have any question, pls do not hesitate to ask. You can contact me through my private and confidential e-mail address: ********. In due time, we shall be providing you with all documentations regarding this deposit as our lawyer is also readily available to prepare the paper works in your name for easy offshore claim. On your reply, do not forget to include your confidential phone and fax numbers where i can reach you****S,DO PARTNER WITH ME.

Stay blessed and God bless your family.

Sincere regards,

Mr. *******


dobber 02-10-05 03:28 PM

Go for it! I'll even help ya, let me have your transit routing and checking account numbers. I might need your Social Security number also, it'll make things go quicker.

LordOpie 02-10-05 03:28 PM

are y'all new to the internet and email? Cuz this has been going on for years. I'm not trying to slam ya, just amazed if this is new to you.

superstar4410 02-10-05 03:36 PM

new to the internet and e-mail, nahh, I guess its the first time I have ever recieved an e-mail like that.

I mean, I didn't plan on giving out any of my personal information, just trying to see if many others have recieved this mail and make others aware incase they get a similar e-mail.

hi565 02-10-05 03:40 PM

Say that youll do it and that is is goign to be paid in 1s, and 5s, and bike parts :D

TassR700 02-10-05 03:55 PM

As has been said, this stuff has been around awhile. I have also personally won the Dutch lottery 5 times in 18 months. Due to some clerical problems, all they need is my bank account number to deliver the money. Once they have your e-mail, you will be surprised at how many "friends" you have in Nigeria and other African countries that have selected you, of all the millions on the internet, to help them. The amazing thing is that people actually lose money to these guys.

superstar4410 02-10-05 06:00 PM

two most annoying things on the internet, spams and scams, for me spam is more of a problem, I'm about to close my hotmail account because of that, and just use my personal business account to communicate with friends, the problem is, I just have this feeling that someone that I dont have in my address book will need to contact me some day and I'll wont know.

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