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surreal 05-12-02 12:53 PM

bike computer woes
ok, i havent been riding long, and 2 monmths ago i bought myself a specialized comp bike computer, b/c it seemed like fun. i was all about the computer, and found the info it provided to be very valuable to my growth as a rider.

problem is, the other day, the thing started going on the fritz. it wasnt registering any kinda mph or showing that any distance was being covered, it spent lots of time reading grossly improper speeds (like, staying steady at .7 mph while i rode half a mile at around what i'd assume to be 10-15 mph.) basically, overnight, it had become useless. i brought it into the shop where i bought it, and they swore they'd fix it. when i teturned, they said it was fixed, and it did work (seemingly) correctly for maybe half a city block. then, it went on the fritz again. worse, they seem to have broken one of the buttons...not totally broken, but very loose and um yeah, it's really kinda broken b/c it doesnt always "realize" that i'm pressing it.

what would y'all do? should i try to get it replaced by the dealer? should i just say to **** with it and buy something different? it's no fun when you spend $40 on something and only get 2 months/350 miles out of it. for those of you recomending that i just get something different, what do you recomend for commuting/light trails/do-it-all biking? i'm looking at the cateye astrale, but am totally open to suggestion.


John E 05-12-02 02:04 PM

Try replacing the battery and cleaning the battery and computer body electrical contacts. Also, carefully inspect the mounting position of the magnet and sensor. If it still acts "fritzy," take it back to the shop and ask them to diagnose and replace it.

surreal 05-12-02 09:05 PM

thanks, john, i'll try that...=)


RiPHRaPH 05-13-02 05:59 AM

i have an astrale, and sometimes the same thing happens to it. especially after a rain/drizzle. mine always seems to be the contacts between then computer and the contacts. although sometimes i've found that the sensor on the rear wheel gets dirt on it....

orguasch 05-13-02 04:17 PM

well you're not alone on that one although I have a different Bike computer its a Cateye CCHB100, its acting like that after about 15,000 KM so planning to buy a new Computer for my bike, well I have use this one for over two years now

surreal 05-13-02 11:45 PM


the computer is very dead, and seemingly shall remain so forever. ah, well. a lesson learned, and some $$$ wasted. has anyone else had similar problems with a specialized computer so quickly? it sucks b/c my gf bought a similar one by the same manufacturer, and now i'm worried about hers, too.

part of me thinks i dont even "need" a computer, but i thought it was pretty useful. i'll give it a week without it, and see how i feel.


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