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capsicum 02-13-05 02:03 AM

Crashing Rides(Like crashing parties, not falling down.)
So anyone ever just show up to an organized ride unpaid, uninvited, unknown and just ride along?:D

INP 02-13-05 02:06 AM

Somebody obviously clicked on the 10,000 smilies download banner.......

MadMan2k 02-13-05 02:28 AM

Heh, sounds like an intriguing idea to me. Probably works best if you're on a 10-inch travel DH bike, and ride in front of a bunch of road riders for a while :P

monogodo 02-13-05 10:37 AM

It's been discussed here.

capsicum 02-13-05 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by monogodo
It's been discussed here.

To be more specific, I meant smaller rides where they don't close the roads. Even well tuned party crashers don't slip in the exit door at the Oscars. Also one must bring their own supplies and only accept what is freely and directly offered or I would consider it dishonest if not stealing.

Note: The point of party crashing is not to ruin the party, the point is simply to party with strangers on a last minute, unplanned, whim.

And thats a smiliey party with a party pirate(crasher).

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